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After Michael Jackson, The Weeknd is my biggest inspiration and my favourite artist of all time. Dating back to the early 2010s when I first discovered his music, The Weeknd’s music has accompanied me through all phases and walks of my life. In particular, one album stands out, Starboy. It was during that phase of my life where I was going through a major change - moving out of our home in Singapore and starting a new life in Dubai while leaving behind close family and friends. This album was a means for me to escape all the anxiety that came with the relocation and helped me to find comfort in my new environment resonating with every song in that album. It motivated me to tackle the challenges that came with the move, adjusting to the new environment and making new friends. I look back now, with only pleasant memories of Dubai and the wonderful friendships forged - this album played a huge role in that.

What about you, where does this album bring you back to?

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