About Us

During the Summer 2020 “lockdown”, in Amsterdam, in the midst of very adverse times, where the world had to act in unison, 1ONE was born. 1ONE is a high fashion streetwear label recognised for its distinct designs centered around unity. 



Designing beautiful products with a purpose.


Using streetwear to spread the message of global unity, inclusivity and diversity.


#Unity Without Uniformity


A brother and sister twin team. Ezra loves fashion designing and Farielle the digital media expert, put their passions together to form 1ONE in June 2020. 1ONE’s Streetwear have since gone global. Several influencers and celebrities have gladly used and also posted 1ONE’s products on their Instagram.


1ONE has since grown their team into a dynamic & diverse group of creatives and specialist based in Amsterdam, London, USA, Paris and Dubai, several of which come from the prestigious fashion institutions like the Central Saint Martins (London) and the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.


1ONE is the first streetwear company to:

  • Accept cryptocurrencies as payment;
  • Start Netflix styled drops for their collections in the form of “Seasons”;
  • Launch a “Language Collection” in Arabic, Russian, French and Japanese;
  • And have now expanded their range to include Chinese, Hebrew and Greek;
  • Introduce music and music videos to enhance online shopping experience;
  • Collaborate with a football club in the Netherlands; and
  • Hand paint custom album cover art on sneakers.

Community building

1ONE believes that giving back to the community is paramount and an integral part of 1ONE’s brand values. 1ONE has donated over 700 meals to the United Nations World Food Program (ShareTheMeal), supported and donated to organisations with initiatives centred around helping refugees in the Netherlands, and helping young footballers achieve their dreams.

Environmental Sustainability

1ONE is committed to protecting the environment and our journey to achieve this has started.

We decided to first start by examining our supply chain.

As of November 2020, 1ONE has started to work with a logistics company, the DPD Group, headquartered in France, whose core business model is ensuring climate-neutral deliveries and shipping.

Next, we have now transitioned to use organic cotton and recycled polyester for our upcoming collection sourcing from companies who are members of the Fair Wear foundation.

A small step, little by little, we hope to make a difference!